We serve much more than a meal, we serve people and seniors are the heart of our mission!

Wheatheart Nutrition Project, Inc., Sysco Foods, and Granna's has teamed together bringing you more than 95 years of Nutrtional experience!  We are Oklahoma Companies serving Oklahoma Consumers, who hire Oklahoma employees, who purchase and use fresh raw food right here in Oklahoma!  We believe in Oklahoma, support Oklahoma and give back to Oklahoma! 


Wheatheart offers TWO programs for the consumers of Oklahoma!

If you are familiar with the two programs offered by Wheatheart Nutrition Project, Inc., you many click on the tabs above for our Title III Meal Menu's and/or ADvantage Meal Menu's and other information.  If you are not familiar with our programs, please continue reading for more information!


1. Wheatheart Title III Meal Program:  Wheatheart Nutrition Project, Inc. prepares and serves congregate meals to persons 60 and older in an eight county area.  The menus are developed by a Registered Dietician and provide 1/3 the daily allowances established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council.  The purpose of the Project is to serve midday meals to persons age 60 or older, promote social activities, and to provide outreach information, nutrition education, nutrition counciling and referrals on topics of interest to senior citizens.  We also provide meals to homebound persons 60 and older. 


Wheatheart Nutrition Project, Inc., is non profit.  Title III funding is through Long Term Care Authority of Enid, with Federal and State funds under the Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1964 (as amended).  There are no income qualifications for this program.  Donations are gladly accepted but not required


2. Wheatheart ADvantage Meal Program Wheatheart is contracted through Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) to provide meals for the ADvantage Meal Program. You must quailify for this program and must already have a Case Manager before receiving meals through this program.  For more information about the ADvantage Program, eligibility requirements, or to apply, please call 580-262-0303.  Meals are delivered every two weeks.  We offer regular meals, breakfast, low sodium meals, gluten free meals, pork & fish free meals, diabetic friendly meals, heart healthy meals, and shelf stable meals!  And what's the difference between us and the other providers?  Our customer service!  Our drivers, who if needed will help you put away your food!  The personal cell phone number to your own personal food delivery person, and much more!  To see what else we do that others don't, click on the ADvantage Meal Program tab above for more information!


Title III Meal Program

Title III Meal Menu

Welcome to the Advantage Program

Advantage Meals Menu

Providing senior citizens with midday meals and social activities

Thanks to Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1964, Wheatheart Nutrition receives state and federal funding, making it possible for us to offer hot, tasty meals to our valued seniors. All meals are approved by a Registered Dietician, and follow the allowances of the Food and Nutrition board. The purpose of Wheatheart is to serve midday meals to citizens 60 or older, promote social activities, and provide outreach information on topics of interest to seniors.

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