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ADvantage Meal Program

ADvantage Granna’s Meals Menu // ADvantage Variety Meals Menu’s

Advantage Granna’s Meals Menu

Wheatheart has teamed with Sysco Food Service of Oklahoma and Granna’s meals offering a variety of fresh healthy meals all of which provide the one-third Daily Nutritional Values and are USDA and FDA inspected and approved daily to insure the tastiest, most nutritious meals possible!

Granna’s is a family owned and operated business that chooses to buy all their raw products right here in Oklahoma from Sysco Foods operating out of Norman Oklahoma. They do this because they want to keep a surplus of money and jobs right here in Oklahoma. Granna’s employs 25 full-time employees who cook and prepare over 7000 meals each day. Coupled with Sysco Foods and Wheatheart Nutrition, you have a strong “Team of Nutrition Providers” based in Oklahoma, who serves much more than a meal, we serve people! Our “Team” brings you more than 95 years of nutritional experience! We are Oklahoma Companies serving Oklahoma consumers, who hire Oklahoma employees, who purchase and use fresh raw foods right here in Oklahoma! We believe in Oklahoma, support Oklahoma and give back to Oklahoma!

Advantage Variety Meals Menu

Wheatheart has teamed with CPI and GA Foods offering a variety of fresh healthy meals all of which provide the one-third Daily Nutritional Values and are USDA and FDA inspected and approved daily to insure the tastiest, most nutritious meals possible!

CPI offers a variety of shelf stable meals varying from sandwich’s, to soup, to breakfast which includes liquid milk! These are very popular with members on the go who desire healthy foods rich in taste and easy to prepare. They can be slipped into your pocket book and taken with you anywhere you go! CPI also offers low sodium, diabetic friendly and kosher meals!

GA Foods offers frozen meals all of which provide the one-third Daily Nutritional Values and are USDA and FDA inspected and approved daily to insure the tastiest, most nutritious meals possible!

Currently we are offering three popular 7-day meal plans! Spa Cuisine, All American and the Rise and Shine! These healthy options are great for any diet but especially for those individuals needing modified diets! These meals are not only great tasting, they are low in sodium, low in fat, cholesterol and sugar, for those needing to meet heart Healthy, diabetic friendly needs. The variety menu offers a wide variety of choices to meet every need!

Members can order from the Granna’s Menu, the Variety Menu, or both, providing you with a variety of options!

Give our meals a try! You’ll be glad you did!

And what’s the difference between us and the other providers? Our customer service! Our “Team” is continuously working to bring new meals and more options to our consumers every day! We offer a wide variety of dietician approved meals in both Dry Shelf-Stable Meals and Frozen Entrée’s. We offer General Well-Being, Heart Healthy, Low-Sodium, Diabetic-Friendly, Gluten Free and Pork & Fish free meals, but what really makes us different is the face-to-face customer service that sets us apart from all other providers!

Wheatheart Nutrition provides you with a cell phone number to your personal driver who can be reached at any time. Your personal driver will bring fresh frozen and/or shelf stable meals to your door with a post-it note reminding you of your next delivery date. You will be provided their personal cell phone number so that you can contact them at any time to change your order, discuss your menu, notify them of a doctor’s appointment, or let them know that you will be out of town. Perhaps your medical condition limits your ability to open the boxes? We’re here to help! Our drivers will help you open and put your food away! We get to know you and the special needs you may have. Perhaps you don’t use the front door and only use the back. Perhaps you’re in a wheel chair and we know that we have to wait for you to get to the door and not rush off. We know that you’re hard of hearing and we have to knock loudly and give you time to get to the door. We know that you have dogs and need to be called ahead of time so that you can secure your pets. We make it our business to get to know you, and work with you, providing you with that one-on-one service that sets us apart from all other providers!

You are provided direct phone numbers to both the office and your personal driver who are here to help you in any way we can. Remember, we don’t just serve meals, we serve people and our #1 priority is to bring you quality and great tasting meals with the best customer service possible!

Too often we hear stories of those that missed their meals because other providers are just a food service. We don’t just provide meals, we serve people! Serving people is the heart of our program and we value the opportunity you have given us to serve you!

We offer a great variety of healthy meals all of which meet one-third the daily nutritional value and are USDA and FDA inspected and approved daily! We offer a variety in both Frozen Entrée Meals and Dry Shelf-Stable Meals containing brands such as Hormel, Kraft, Nabisco, Frito-Lay, Kellogg’s, Keebler, Chef-Boyardee and Campbell’s. We also offer great tasting specialty meals, Low Sodium, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Port & Fish Free and Heart Healthy Meals! Recently we added what we refer to as Very Healthy Combo Meals! These meals are Low Sodium, Diabetic and Heart Healthy! In addition to meeting all three categories’ combined in one box, their GREAT TASTING!

Again, we thank you for the opportunity! We know that you have a choice of providers and we are honored that you have chosen us! And now, we choose to provide you with the best service possible! Serving the people of Oklahoma is our #1 priority and we thank you for the opportunity and we consider it a privilege!

Thank you!

The Staff of Wheatheart Nutrition Project, Inc.

A color-coded Menu makes ordering your meals easier for you!

Take a look at our two different menus, the Granna’s Menu and the Variety Menu’s, which can be reviewed with your case manager on or off line! They are placed in a plastic cover that slides on and off so that updates can be added as the menu changes. You will be alerted about any change in menu by your personal driver. Your Menu is color coded! For example, breakfast is on green pages, low sodium items are on yellow pages, and gluten-free options are on salmon colored pages, etc.!

  • Regular meals (Blue)
  • Breakfast (Green)
  • Low Sodium Meals (Yellow)
  • Gluten Free/Pork & Fish Free Meals (Salmon)
  • Diabetic Friendly Meals (Cream)
  • Heart Healthy Meals (Pink)
  • Shelf Stable Meals (Golden Rod)


You can always change your order by calling your personal driver at any time! As a courtesy, please give your driver at least a 24-48 hour notice of any menu change to insure that they are able to accommodate you!

Please contact us to learn more about our ADvantage program, and whether or not this is the best option for you or your loved one.